100% NZ Kiko Breeding Bucks

Got Rusty
*Semen Available*

 BD: 3/12/2016

BW: 8.70

90 DW: 45.20


Rusty is an awesome buck.  He has produced great conformation, muscle, and hardiness on his kids.

Pedigree includes: 

Cherokee Fiddler, Tay Onyx, Loverboy, Betula Hill Moneymaker 

JFF Michael

BD: 3/14/2015

BW: 7.00

90 DW: 51.40


Mike is a very athletic buck.  He throws hardy, well muscled, tough, good confirmation kids. 

Pedigree includes:

Goatex Generator, Loverboy, ECR Rusty, Tay Onyx, Tasman Aristocrat

100% NZ Kiko Does

SGF Parris

BD: 5/1/2013

BW 7:34


Dam: SGF Ponyo

Sire: JFV's Diego

Pedigree Includes:

Heslington Sting

GHK Iron Side

ELH Blue's Son

Goatex Whitey

Parris is NKR registered and one of our best producers. All of her kids are tall with great temperaments and conformation. 

ZNK Iron Horse

BD 2/3/2011

BW: 5.80

90 DW: 45.80


Dam: DSL Kane's Girl R-73

Sire: GHK Iron Horse

Pedigree Includes:

COO Iron Horse

Sunboy 112

Hemp's Pride

Iron Maiden is NKR & AKGA Registered and our oldest doe. She is dual registered with AKGA and NKR.  She is still going strong, but this may be her last breeding year.

SGF Iron-IClad

BD: 2/7/2018

BW: 8.40

90 DW: 33.60


Dam: SGF Iron-E

Sire: GFI Rolling Meadows

Pedigree Includes:

GFI Rolling Meadows

Moose's sting

JFV's Diego

AAS Goldmine I

Iron  is NKR Registered She is just starting with us. Hoping to see good things coming with her. 

SGF Satsuki

BD: 3/25/2012

BW 6.50


Dam: ZNK Pepper Y034

Sire: GHK Iron Side

Pedigree Includes:

GHK Iron Side

Tasman Zorro

Tasman Aristocrat

JTV Klondike

Satsuki is NKR registered and our other best producers. All of her kids are tall with great good muscle and conformation. 

SGF Suki

BD: 1/11/2017

BW: 6.90


Dam: SGF Satsuki

Sire: LPR Cairo

Pedigree Includes:

Heslington Sesame

Caprinex Samuel

Blue's Son

TNT Cody

Suki is NKR Registered She is what we call a multiplier. She usually kids triplets and is able to care for all of them on her own.

RRG Iron Missy

BD: 3/1/2020

BW: 7.16


Dam: RRG Ira

Sire: GOT Rusty

Pedigree Includes:

Heslington Sesame

Caprinex Samuel

Blue's Son

TNT Cody

Missy is NKR & AKGA registered. We are excited to have her at the ranch.


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