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All Does with a "DS" in front of their names were bred and raised by  Dwite & Mary Sharp, owners of Paradise Ranch Pack Goat Research and Development, the foremost breeders of pack goat kids located in Council Grove, Kansas.  

Goat Packing Does


DS (Dwite Sharp) Cindy 3/15/15

She was bred by Dwite Sharp and is 1/2 Boar and 1/2 Saanen.

Cindys sire is Zues and her dam is Baby (a champion Saanen at the Nebraska State Fair)

DS Wendee 3/1/14

Wendee is a Dwite Sharp doe out of the buck Zeene and the doe Bopeep. Wendy is 1/2 Oberhasli, 1/4 Apline and 1/4 Boer. She always throws triplets.

Statement from Dwite, “ Her dam the late great Bopeep, probably the best doe we’ve ever had. Her sire Zeene, the best Oberhasli we’ve ever used.


DS Cali 2 6/21/15


Dwite Sharp raised Cali 2 a 1/2 Oberhasli 1/4 Saanen 1/4 Boer. She has huge genetics. Her dam is Cali 2. Her sire is Zeene.

Her dam Cali 1 was a Sabor hybrid out of Tarzan T66 a huge buck ($124,000 Boer buck) and her dam was monster 235 lb Saanen named Lilly Ann.

DS Hiedi 3/9/17

Hiedi is a Bopine hybrid. She is 1/2 Alpine and 1/2 Boer. Her dam is Tarzana a daughter of Tarzan T66. Her Sire is and Alpine buck from California named Ryuo.


DS Kendle 4/23/19

Kendle is a multi hybrid. Her dam is Carla a Sabor and her sire is Toxic a triplet from Brook

Kendle is 5/16 Alpine, 5/16 Boer, 1/4 Saanen, 1/8 Oberhasli

Stella 4/7/2019

Stella comes from a Dwite Sharp line. Her sire is Konza who is out of Zeene. Her Dam is Cinder. She is 1/2 Oberhasli and 1/2 Alpine.


RRG Sugar 2/10/17

Sugar is a home grown doe. She is 1/2 Alpine and 1/2 Saanen.

Her dam is Gwen and her Sire is a 280 lb Saanen named Curly.

CMKIDS Caliber 3/28/19

Caliber is a register Oberhasli. Sire is Heaven’s Hardnottolike and dam is Heaven’s Hollow Virtue.



Bea is a 100% Saanen. She is tall for a doe at a height of 32.5”. Average height for a Saanen doe is 30”.

Coastline Hot Lips Zeevah 3/27/15

Zeevah is a large framed Sable Saanen. Her Dam is unknown and her sire is Gates of Zion Gladitor a very large Saanen.


Jumper 4/2/2017

She is 75% LaManch and 25% Alpine.

Mag 3/15/2019

Mag is 50% Boer. She was given to me so I am not sure what on the rest of her breeding.


Jugs 2/10/2017

This doe is 50% Kiko out of GOT Rusty. Her dam is Jumper who is 75% LaMancha and 25% Alpine

Buffy 4/12/2017

Buffy is 75% LaMancha 25% Alpine.  She is Jumpers sister.




Our pack goat prospects

go fast. We usually have

most of the kids sold


they are born. If you are interested in

one of our kids I

recommend that you

get on our reservation list. You can do this by filling

out and submitting the

information to the right. Upon submission we will contact you with more kidding dates and

deposit information.

Pack Goat Reservation

Thanks for submitting and starting your exciting goat adventure!!

Our Guarantee

Any of the pack goat kids sold from Rugged Range Goat Ranch has the following 3 year guarantee:

If the goat under normal working circumstances and exempted from any injury does not perform as a useful packing goat, the original owner can return the goat in exchange for a kid under the age of 3 months.

(based on availability)

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