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All In A Days Work

Well it has been a rough year for farming and ranching. Not enough rain to get the hay growth we needed which means high hay and feed prices. Extremely hot, dry, windy days. Low cattle prices. Not to mention the craziness of life in general. I could continue and focus on all the negative, but it seems that is all we hear about now days. Lets take a different approach. We have been very blessed this year. We planted alfalfa last year which we have had enough water to keep it growing so we have been able to get three cuttings for winter hay. We have planted Sorghum Sudan grass for the first time this year to help add to our winter feed storage. Ron has been working hard clearing and planting more ground in alfalfa so we won't have to buy so much next winter. Our equipment is old and slow, but it is still plugging a long and getting the job done. Our goats are doing well even though our pastures have been bare minimum for forage. The prices have stayed high for goats this year which has been very helpful. We were able to purchase Rosie who has been a big help with moving ang managing the herds. Our kids and grandkids are healthy which is a huge blessing. When you stop and try to look at all the good things you realize its all in a days work and life is pretty good.


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