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Kids for Kids

Why do we love to raise pack goats? Because we love kids. The two legged and the four legged. We have been raising packing goats since 1992. We have always had goats because my children were allergic to all milks and formulas except goat milk. So the goats became part of our family.

We also love the outdoors. Our family loves to hike and camp. We had always used horses until one day when I came across a book called, "The Pack Goat by John Mionczynski ( › Pack-Goat-John-Mionczynski)

When I read that book the light switch came on as to how versatile a goat really is. 1994 packing with goats was just strange. We would get so many odd looks when we were out on the trails. Our children loved hiking an all of the goats we raise are bottle fed and very bonded to humans so they follow the children without any problems and I didn't worry about them getting hurt like I did when we used the horse.

If you are looking for the perfect family activity, goat packing is something you need to look into. Even as old as I am I still love to pack with my goats. They are my perfect companion on the trail.


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