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The Green Machine

We have been asked about feeding fodder to our goats. We were given the opportunity to purchase a used fodder machine so we thought we would try it. We were not to sure how well the goats would like it because we all know how picky they can be when it come to their food. All I can say is they love it! Our Kiko, Savanna, and Packing goats think its candy.

We do not fed it year round. We only feed it in the spring when the are transitioning from winter dry feeds while waiting for the green grass to grown tall enough for us to turn the goats out on the pastures.

The process is very easy. We use cleaned barley, water, and lights. All you have to do is load the trays with the barley seed and wait six days and the machine does the rest. (Well, all except the feeding part and washing the trays)


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That’s so cool!

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