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Cara Courage (or Carrot as my granddaughter calls her)

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Meet Cara. We have never had an LGD before and didn’t really think we needed one. We have many coyotes around our place, but as long as the goats are at the barn at dark we have not had any problems with them getting into our kiko goat herd. Well, we have been working on increasing our goat numbers, so we purchased a small herd of Savanna goats. The deal was that if we bought the herd, we got the LGD known as Cara. I was not so sure I wanted her. We were told they do not know her breeding, she is spayed, age is unknown, but by her teeth I am thinking she is a little older. When we got her home, she took off and I thought, “Oh Great! All I need is a dog that is wandering the neighborhood and getting into trouble.” After she had checked out everything in the area she came back home. I guess she decided her new home was satisfactory because she has been doing her job of keeping track of all of us.

Now that I have given you some background info on Cara let me tell you about why I now love her and could not be without her. First of all since we have increased to 150 head of goats and they are kept farther away from the house the coyotes seem to be a bit braver and like to come out of the hollow and closer to the barns. I knew Cara was keeping them at bay, but I didn’t know how well she was doing it until I went out one day and found one of the young Kiko doelings with her head caught in the fence out in the pasture. When I got up to her I found that she had deep laceration on the side of her face and most of her right ear gone. The Kiko doeling is all healed up and doing fine but, at that moment I realized what a blessing I had been given with that herd of goats we had purchased. Cara has earned a permanent place on the ranch and every bigger place in our hearts.


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